[geos-devel] Indexing question from a newbie

Chris Hodgson chodgson at refractions.net
Fri Jul 7 14:13:38 EDT 2006

Whoops... I got it backwards... ignore my earlier post, Martin is the 
authoritative source.

Chris Hodgson

Martin Davis wrote:
> Here's the differences between Quadtree and STRtree:
> Quadtree is dynamic (items can be added at any time, not just at
> construction time, and items can be deleted)
> STRtree is static (the tree can be populated with items only once, after
> construction)
> STRtree is faster than Quadtree (up to 2 times or more faster)
> As usual, there is a tradeoff between flexibility and efficiency.
> There are examples of the use of these classes throughout the GEOS/JTS
> code.  In particular (in JTS at least) the unit tests in test.jts.index
> should provide some simple examples.

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