[geos-devel] 2 proposed c-api additions

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Thu Jul 13 00:07:23 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Strk pointed me at the XML test suite as a good source of test data.  So 
  using Ruby, I now load the xml test cases and can run them through the 
SWIG bindings which use the c api.

To do this, however, requires adding 2 methods to the C API.

The first method is Geometry::normalize which converts a geometry to its 
cannonincal form.  Without this method, the results from performing 
operations (like buffer) will be in some undetermined order and thus the 
test fails since the actual result does not match the expected result. 
Since this seems to be a generally useful method I'd like to add in to 
the C API.

The second method is one I mentioned the other day, equalsExact.  The 
XMLTestRunner uses this method to verify that the expected and actual 
results match.  Unfortunately, using equals does not work since it 
returns false in some cases where equalsExact returns true (you can set 
a tolerance with equalsExact).  Once again, this seems like a generally 
useful method so I'd also like to add in to the C API.

On my local box I have added both of these methods to the C API, and the 
  SWIG bindings now generate the same results as the C++ API (i've only 
done some of the tests so far).

Note that a number of the XML test cases fail using either API.  For 
example, in buffer.xml roughly half the tests fail.  Is this a problem?


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