[geos-devel] left and right buffer

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed May 17 13:06:07 EDT 2006

Hi Martin,

I think a useful variant of this for polygons it to be able to specify 
inside or outside, so you could effectively grow and shrink the polygon.

The "grow" option is great for finding abutters, and I think the buffer 
command today already does this.

The "shrink" option is great for defining/showing boundary offsets 
within a lot that might be needed to insure zoning rules.


Martin Davis wrote:
> I'm curious what your use case is for this functionality.  Can you post
> some sample data that you want L/R buffers for, and perhaps an image of
> what you expect the results to look like?
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>>Is there any way in GEOS to calculate geometry's left or 
>>right buffer ? 
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