[geos-devel] Python/Swig/Configure Bug

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Thu Aug 30 04:20:19 EDT 2007

> Actually... am I right in thinking that SWIG is only needed if
> --enable-python or --enable-ruby is specified? 

Good point.

Yes and no.  Remember that we check the SWIG wrapper files into SVN so 
that users don't have to recreate them (it also avoids supporting 
different versions of SWIG which I think is non-tenable).

So in theory (but this doesn't work in reality) its valid to say:

--disable-swig --enable-ruby --enable-python

And generate the bindings using the checked-in wrappers.  And in fact, 
this should be the default

Obviously that's not very clear.  So what I would prefer is:

* Keep --enable-ruby and --enable-python
* Get rid of --enable-swig/-disable-swig
* Add a new parameter called --regenerate-swig-wrappers

So the logic is:

If Python Or Ruby Enabled Then
	If regenerate wrappers
            If detect SWIG
               regenerate-swig-wrappers = true
               regenerate-swig-wrappers = false

         If Python Enabled Then
		Check For Python
		If Python is found Then
			use_python = true
			use_python = false
		End If
		use_python = false
	End If

	If Ruby Enabled Then
		Check For Ruby
		If Ruby is found Then
			use_ruby = true
			use_ruby = false
		End If
		use_ruby = false
	End If
	use_python = false
	use_ruby = false
End If

Does that make sense?

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