[geos-devel] Windows Build

Simon Perkins sy at perkins.net
Wed Sep 5 21:46:06 EDT 2007

Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Simon Perkins wrote:
>> What's the current recommended way to build GEOS on windows using Visual
>> Studio 2005? I'm having problems using either the makefile.vc and
>> project file approaches, in both the stable rc4 3.0.0 release, and the
>> latest SVN version. Before I beat my head against a wall for too much
>> longer I figured I'd ask which version / approach is currently the best
>> supported.
> Simon, all 3 versions should work well: geos/build/msvc80,
> makefiles and (experimental) geos/build/bjam.
> What's the problem?
> Cheers

Actually it's one of my colleagues who's working on this, but I think 
most of the problems were caused by trying to use the "stable" release 
3.0.0 rc4 which seems to have various things missing for windows. Then 
we ran into the problem that the SVN download didn't seem to include the 
various configure generated files, such as version.h, etc which the 
makefiles were looking for. We switched to using project files, but then 
there were errors building the python and ruby bindings (which we don't 
need). But I think, by switching those projects off and using the 
solution files in SVN, we managed to get a build that we can use. I'll 
let you know if we have any other problems!



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