[geos-devel] Build problems on Solaris

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Thu Jul 17 13:13:49 EDT 2008

Magne Mæhre wrote:
> Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
>> Magne Mæhre pisze:
>>> I've raised ticket #186 to address some problems with building
>>> on Solaris, using the Sun compiler suite.
>>> I can prepare a couple of patches for this.  I guess prepending
>>> namespace specification on those standard library functions that
>>> don't have them should be uncontroversial and unproblematic ?
>>> The same with including <typeinfo> where that isn't done ?
>> Magne,
>> You are more than welcome to provide us with patches fixing GEOS for Sun
>> compiler. Absolutely, using fully qualified names and including missing
>> headers won't break anything, but is more than recommended.
>> Please, attach patches to the Ticket #186
> I've added a patch for this to #186.


I've applied your #186 patch to GEOS SVN trunk.

> I've also raised a separate ticket
> for a couple of minor issues with autogen.sh and configure.in
> (Ticket #192)

I'll do my best to check it soon.

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