[geos-devel] Porting LengthIndexedLine.project?

David Turner novalis at novalis.org
Thu Jul 23 11:13:34 EDT 2009

JTS has a class called LengthIndexedLine with a method "project", which
lets you figure out  the nearest point on a line to a given point.  This
is useful, for instance, if you are trying to figure out what street a
person is on from (possibly slightly inaccurate) GPS observations.


PostGIS calls this function st_line_locate_point.

GEOS doesn't seem to have it, even though I was under the impression
that GEOS was merely a port of JTS.  If I port JTS's project function
and related functions such as extractPoint to GEOS, would that patch be
likely to be accepted?  Or am I missing something about the relationship
between JTS and GEOS?

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