[geos-devel] Generated ChangeLog

Sandro Santilli sandro.santilli at gmail.com
Thu May 21 06:14:30 EDT 2009

I've committed a new 'ChangeLog.svn' rule in top-level Makefile which you can
use to generate a GNU-style ChangeLog file from SVN logs using the svn2cl tool.
On debian-based systems this tool is in the subversion-tools package.
The generated ChangeLog.svn was also added to the repository, so you don't need
svn2cl to see the results.

The advantage is you don't need to manually edit the ChangeLog, and helps
taking out a lot of information lost due to at least myself not having
edited it during
my last JTS sync work (sorry for that).

To avoid loosing any manual entry the generated file is now called
so the ChangeLog file is the so-far-manually-edited one.

If you like the idea please take the time to add your details in the
authors.svn file, which is used to map
usernames to real names and email addresses. Ideally a server-side
hook could re-generate the ChangeLog.svn
on every commit, or on a daily basis.

PS: my keybit.net address is having bad problems, so please mail me @
gmail for any private communications.


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