[geos-devel] Invalid geometries from GEOS operations

strk strk at keybit.net
Fri Aug 27 10:24:52 EDT 2010

Oh, forgot to mention: in trunk you can choose whether
or not to enable the check for validity thus giving
SnapOp a chance to give you valid result or exception.

Default is don't check (like it's always been), you can change
include/geos/geom/BinaryOp.h (around line 120)

Note that defining that macro would make GEOS closer
to JTS in functionality.


On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 04:21:43PM +0200, strk wrote:
> I've spent some days enhancing the XMLTester to check
> for validity of returned geometries and found a dozen
> or more such cases (6 couple of inputs, multi-ops for
> some of them).
> All the invalidities come out from GEOS unchecked use of
> CommonBitsOp, whereas such operation is known to possibly
> yeld collapsed poligons due to loss of precision when 
> translating back (re-adding the previously stripped bits).
> In JTS, an EnhancedBitsOp class is used to basically add
> a validity check around the CommonBitsOp to ensure the
> result would be checked before returning.
> In GEOS, doing a similar thing would be nice as we could
> then try something else (SnapOp). Well, I did and that
> fixed 5 over 6 tests. Unfortunately the last test broke
> completely, that is it would not return an invalid geometry 
> (as it did before) but rather an exception.
> Ok, simple question for you now is:
> Should GEOS always throw an exception in preference over
> returning an invalid geometry ?
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