[geos-devel] Changing path in autogen.bat

Andrea Peri 2007 aperi2007 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 16:16:18 EDT 2010

>Thanks. Fixed in trunk.
>Please note that makefile.vc build configuration may not be as
>up to date as the one based on GNU Autotools.
>Personally, I try to maintain the CMake-based build.
>I don't know who maintains makefile.vc files for NMAKE now.

Thx for suggestion.

After I try the build using the


it generate the "geos_c.dll" but don't generate the
I don't know what's the difference with geos_c.dll, but notice that all the software using geos has both.

Another try I do is try to generate with cmake a project for VC 2009 and compile with that
but the compile give some errors like this

..\src\operation\buffer\BufferBuilder.cpp(248) : error C2589: '(': token not valid to right of '::'

This seem due to some missing settings in cmake settings.
Infact if I try the compile using the available

the same file .cpp is compie without any error.


Andrea Peri.

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