[geos-devel] Changing path in autogen.bat

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Sun Oct 10 17:42:59 EDT 2010

On 10/10/10 21:16, Andrea Peri 2007 wrote:
>> Thanks. Fixed in trunk.
>> Please note that makefile.vc build configuration may not be as
>> up to date as the one based on GNU Autotools.
>> Personally, I try to maintain the CMake-based build.
>> I don't know who maintains makefile.vc files for NMAKE now.
> Thx for suggestion.
> After I try the build using the
> .\build\msvc90\geos.sln

Please note, the 'trunk/build' directory with manually
maintained Visual Studio C++ projects is deprecated now.
I have no idea if there is anyone using or maintaining it.
I don't maintain it any more. Instead, I try to keep CMake based build
in shape.

> it generate the "geos_c.dll" but don't generate the geos.dll.

That's right, because the old projects do not build C++ library
as DLL, but only as static library.

> I don't know what's the difference with geos_c.dll, but notice that all
> the software using geos has both.

geos_c.{lib|dll} is C API library
geos.{lib|dll} is C++ API library

> Another try I do is try to generate with cmake a project for VC 2009 and
> compile with that
> but the compile give some errors like this
> ..\src\operation\buffer\BufferBuilder.cpp(248) : error C2589: '(': token
> not valid to right of '::'

Thanks for reporting.
I've just fixed it. Please try to svn update and build again.

> This seem due to some missing settings in cmake settings.
> Infact if I try the compile using the available
> .\build\msvc90\geos.sln
> the same file .cpp is compie without any error.

This is because the old project files are configured with NOMINMAX
defined. This definition was missing from CMake configuration.
I've just fixed it in the trunk.

I have successfully built using with CMake and Visual Studio 2005.

Best regards,
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