[geos-devel] newbie user and visual studio

Lloyd Dupont ld at galador.net
Thu Jun 21 08:13:31 PDT 2012


I’m a Windows developer (and visual studio user) who is not very good with all those open source command line tools.
I’m also quite rusty with C++ but I want to give it a new go and port one of my C# app to C++ (WinRT / Metro C++ Cx to be exact)

For that I will need some geometry manipulating library, GEOS seems liked a good and simple enough candidate.

To facilitate this difficult entry in the C++ world (with a big open source library) it would be nice if there is a way to get a Visual Studio project to open which contains all the necessary GEOS file.

I even found a link which seems to indicate it does exists:

But I couldn’t find this VS project file.. they seem to be part of the build output.. :~
How to I generate get them??!?

Thanks for nay links / info / feedback!
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