[geos-devel] WKB representation is EWKB, not OGC

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 00:37:57 PST 2013

Paul Ramsey wrote:

>Right, at the time JTS/GEOS came into being, the only standard WKB was
>2D WKB, so from an interop point of view, it was golden.
>It might be time to update the reader to ingest more variants, and the
>writer to emit ISO standard 3D/4D variants. That would imply also
>updating the WKT writer and reader, etc, etc. And how about an M
>coordinate? :)

I like to understand why if the OGC was a 2D only specs, when it choose to
go forward the 3D spec.
Also it choose to not support an enhanced specs (like postgis) that was
already available and also was 2D compliant.

I start to guess that perhaps the OGC team is too old age.

Andrea Peri
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