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#760: Snapping leaves segments below tolerance
 Reporter:  strk        |      Owner:  geos-devel@…
     Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major       |  Milestone:  3.5.1
Component:  Default     |    Version:  3.5.0
 Severity:  Unassigned  |   Keywords:
 Snapping a geometry to another should result in an output that does not
 move again on subsequent snapping to the same geometry. At least, I'd
 think such behaviour would be to be preferred, for stability.

 In the following case it takes two iterations to reach that point:

 WITH inp AS (
    0.001 as tol,
    'LINESTRING(599671.37338031 4889182.65265274,599671.369855744
     ::geometry as src,
    'LINESTRING(599671.37 4889664.32,599665.52 4889680.18,599671.37
 4889683.4,599671.37 4889781.87)'
     ::geometry as tgt
  ST_AsText(ST_Snap(src , tgt , tol)),
  ST_AsText(ST_Snap(ST_Snap(src , tgt , tol), tgt, tol)),
  ST_AsText(ST_Snap(ST_Snap(ST_Snap(src , tgt , tol), tgt, tol), tgt, tol))
 FROM inp;

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