[geos-devel] PHP binding repository relocation

J Smith dark.panda+lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 15:42:20 PDT 2016

On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 2:35 PM, Sandro Santilli <strk at kbt.io> wrote:
> The official home of PHP bindings source code is now
> the Experiemental OSGeo Git Service:
>  https://git.osgeo.org/gogs/geos/php-geos
> Previous GIT remote ( git://git.osgeo.org/php-geos )
> still works for backward compatibility but please update
> your remotes.
> The move allows to have a separate set of milestones
> and issues while also supporting pull-request kind
> of interaction.
> An automatic mirror is setup on gitlab.com (will pull
> from the official repository) and on github.com (will
> be pushed from gogs via a git hook).
> Next I'll remove the php/ subdir from core.
> Dark Panda: please login to the service one to be
> added to the committers team for the project.
> My next focus for the php bindings will be adding support
> for PHP7: https://git.osgeo.org/gogs/geos/php-geos/issues/1
> For now I think we can keep using this mailing list for
> coordination.

Sounds good. I've got some code for PHP7 on a branch that I can push,
but haven't had as much time as I'd like to put towards the project. I
can push what I have at the moment when I get a chance, although what
I'd really like to do is optimize some of the code to account for both
PHP5 and PHP7 via some macros to handle things like memory allocation
and object fetching and so forth. The APIs have changed a little
between the major PHP versions, but it's nothing a bit of C
preprocessor work can't handle. At the moment, I basically have the
extension compiling in PHP7 but have had to disable object destruction
and memory deallocation for the time being until I can clean things up
a bit. The current work is available at
https://github.com/dark-panda/php-geos-native/tree/php7 and I can push
it up to the new repo once I've been added to the committers team.

Anyways, that's where things sit at the moment. Sorry there's not much
new to report. I've logged in to the new repo and can be added to the
committers team now.


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