[geos-devel] GEOS-3.6.0 released

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 25 12:23:12 PDT 2016

On 10/25/2016 06:07 PM, Sandro Santilli wrote:
>   - C++ API changes:
>     - Automatic memory management for GeometryFactory objects

This change seems to cause the build failures for OSSIM, osmium &
osm2pgsql with GEOS 3.6.0. All three builds fail with these errors:

 'geos::geom::GeometryFactory::GeometryFactory()' is protected within
this context
 'virtual geos::geom::GeometryFactory::~GeometryFactory()' is protected
within this context

What is the proper way to support GeometryFactory for both GEOS 3.5.0
and 3.6.0?

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