[geos-devel] status of C++ API - is it a bug to use it or not?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Sun Jan 22 11:32:48 PST 2017

Long ago, I complained about the C++ library's major version changing on
every release, and was told that the C++ API was basically not supposed
to be used by other projects and that there was really no plan to keep
it stable.  Now we have changes in 3.6 that break osm2pgsql, and that's
still not resolved:




it says

  C and C++ API (C API gives long term ABI stability)

and that gives a different impression.  It seems like the C++ API should
be marked as "internal only, and it's a bug for other packages to use
it".  (Or, it should be stable.)

Also, at:


it seems like the Free section should be split into C- and C++-using and
a warning given about the C++ ones (that they are using a private
interface about which no stability guarantees are made).

(I'm coming at this as a packager caught in the middle.)

I'm happy to edit the wiki if people think I have the right sense above.
But I don't want to just randomly make edits that will make people
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