[geos-devel] please get ready for 3.6.2

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Wed Jul 19 15:05:59 PDT 2017

7 months are gone since last release (3.6.1) and anough bugfixes
were accumulated, so I plan to start the process to release 3.6.2.

Here's the list of bug fixes and improvements since last release:

  - Fix exception in UnaryUnion of collection of touching polygons (#837)
  - Allow building against python 3 (#774)
  - Fix build with android-ndk and other compilers (#799)
  - Allows compiling with -Wpointer-bool-conversion (#638)
  - Fix unhandled exception on invalid fp operation (#811)
  - Fix overloaded virtual print in DirectedEdge* (#812)
  - AppVeyor CI build added (#813)
  - Clean up numerous MSVC warnings, notably C4275 and C4589 (#814)
  - Bump CMake version to 3.0.0 (#817)
  - Fix leaks in WKT parser (#830)

If anyone has pending fixes please speak now or postpone to 3.6.3,
I plan to close the release next week.


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