[geos-devel] MOTION to accept this patch [geos] Emit a warning at compile time about C++ API being unstable (#14) - Summarize of votes

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Oct 4 23:35:30 PDT 2017

Just to confirm intention and the fact I misquoted Hobu as strk pointed out.

The MOTION for geos 3.7.0 is to put a warning in theG eometry.h header file that will show whenever a user compiles a project source against the GEOS C++ API.
With the intention of come next major/minor release after 3.7 turning that Warning into an error unless said user defines the 


This will allow packagers to still distribute the headers and C++ libs if they want, but users will have to be smart enough to edit the header file to compile projects that use the GEOS C++ API.

Votes as I understand -- Dale and Hobu will need to reaffirm (since this is a softer stop gap compromise)

Strk  -  +1
Hobu -0  (please confirm Hobu to make Strk happy that I'm not putting words into your mouth :)  )
Dale - +1  (though Dale did not officially vote on this Motion he voted for the more aggressive RFC6 - https://trac.osgeo.org/geos/wiki/RFC6   (which we will revisit after GEOS 3.7.0 release )
Regina +1
Paul -- Did not vote (Presumably because he doesn't want to make any enemies on either side -- he's a king trapped by pawns and a queen)
Martin Davis - sorry forgot about you Vote if you have an opinion


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On Wed, Oct 04, 2017 at 10:39:08AM -0400, Regina Obe wrote:
> Can all PSC folks vote if this is agreeable.  This will be done for GEOS 3.7 and above.
> Feedback from others is welcome as well.
> This  GEOS patch will display a warning in the Geometry.h header which appears during compile time whenever the C++ API is used to compile a projects source, unless 
> Is defined? 
> https://git.osgeo.org/gogs/geos/geos/pulls/14
> +1

+1, ofc (next step would be turning that warning into an error)

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