[geos-devel] MOTION to accept this patch [geos] Emit a warning at compile time about C++ API being unstable (#14) - Summarize of votes

Dale Lutz dale.lutz at safe.com
Thu Oct 5 17:04:00 PDT 2017

Hi all,

> The MOTION for geos 3.7.0 is to put a warning in theG eometry.h header
file that will show whenever a user compiles a project source against the
> With the intention of come next major/minor release after 3.7 turning
that Warning into an error unless said user defines the
Geometry.h  header file
> This will allow packagers to still distribute the headers and C++ libs if
they want, but users will have to be smart enough to edit the header file
to compile projects that use the GEOS C++ API.
> Votes as I understand -- Dale and Hobu will need to reaffirm (since this
is a softer stop gap compromise)
> Strk  -  +1
> Hobu -0  (please confirm Hobu to make Strk happy that I'm not putting
words into your mouth :)  )

I am happy to officially vote +1.  Lots of empty board space around me.
Kinda lonely, really.
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