[geos-devel] Thoughts on Backporting the emit warning message to GEOS 3.6 and GEOS 3.5

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Oct 6 14:03:58 PDT 2017

I'm only softly proposing this but want to get a feel if anyone has issues
before we do.


I would like to back port this pull to GEOS 3.6 and GEOS 3.5 branches.

The reason being is

1) It's just a warning that shows when compiling code that uses the C++ API
so doesn't impact existing compiles.  No one has to change their compile
But users using libgeos-dev for example from packages would be subjected to
the warning if they are using a project that uses the C++ API.

2) It gives people notice compiling projects using GEOS C++ API, that their
use may be in jeopardy in future and they might want to consider switching
to the C API or brace for breaking changes to the C++ API.

That warning will hopefully give folks enough time to switch to C-API so
that we feel comfortable doing some spring cleaning breaking 
changes to the underlying C++ API in GEOS 3.8 or 4.0 with minimal effect on
existing users.


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