[geos-devel] TABS or SPACES - ALL DEVELOPERS and PSC Vote

Heiskanen Mika (FMI) Mika.Heiskanen at fmi.fi
Mon Sep 10 11:57:05 PDT 2018


Perhaps you should consider using automatic formatting tools such as clang-format?

Just choose the style which is as close to your current style as possible, and then

make as few changes to your .clang-format file as possible. Automatic tools will

make your life much easier. Sometimes you will want to disable automatic formatting,

and you can do that directly in the source code. You can make your editor automatically

format the code, and you can add a git-hook to automatically format commits.



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My vote is the same as Vicky's - spaces, with indenting using multiples of 2.

- lots of religious discussion on the interweb about tabs vs spaces, but a quick read seems to indicate that the spaces camp is more popular
- spaces are more deterministic than tabs
- 2 rather than 4 gives more space for code


On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 9:45 AM Regina Obe <lr at pcorp.us<mailto:lr at pcorp.us>> wrote:
As many know the GEOS code base is a mess of different formatting.
Particular with tabs and spaces.
Our .editorconfig is equally messy in the name of compromise.

I'd like to make a Motion starting with GEOS 3.8 to reformat the .cpp, .h,
and .c

I think the other extensions are pretty standard and should stay as they

That said, what would people prefer?

I vote:


Please all PSC and all developers who commit to GEOS voice an opinion.
We'll count the votes and go with the consensus with each vote counting
If any non-dev, non-PSC have an opinion, feel free to voice an opinion
keeping note we may not care about your opinion, but might possibly sway
ours :)

Once done - pramsey or cvvergara or strk will do a 1000 pound commit to
update all these files (including the editorconfig)


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