[geos-devel] [GEOS] #954: Fix -Wshadow warning in src/algorithm/InteriorPointArea.cpp

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Tue Feb 26 02:21:43 PST 2019

#954: Fix -Wshadow warning in src/algorithm/InteriorPointArea.cpp
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Comment (by strk):

 The only way to test _TRAVIS_ is via PRs on GitHub.
 But you can test other bots in other ways.

 Drone can be tested locally with:

   drone exec

 (requires installing drone)

 A PR on the OSGeo GIT infrastructure will automatically
 trigger a Drone build and report status in the commit
 tab (green/yellow/red tiny dot).

 Debbie and Winnie builds I think are only triggered
 by commits to the "master" branch.

 Generally speaking, I think developers are humans so
 don't need bots and should just run:

   make check

 which should run all tests in case of GEOS

 NOTE that every environment may have its own peculiarities
 and thus fail in different way. This means a bot can be
 happy while a Real Human Developer may be blocked by a build
 failure in his/her specific environment (our bots cover
 only a subset of operating systems/architectures).

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