[geos-devel] Drop SWIG bindings

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Nov 25 14:13:32 PST 2020

+1 to Option two - Drop Python and Ruby SWIG.

I agree I think most Python users digest their GEOS via Shapely.  It's
better to have one very supported interface than confuse users with 2 one of
which is not maintained.

As far as Ruby -- I'll just take your word for It on that one.  I've never
used Ruby except for the asci doctor bit.

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> Hi all,
> SWIG bindings have existed as part of the core GEOS library since early
> development, however they have not received much attention in many
> years.
> I've (quickly) prepared two options for consideration:
> Option one: Drop Python SWIG bindings
> https://github.com/mwtoews/geos/pull/1
> This keeps the SWIG interface for Ruby bindings, which is packed by
> (e.g.) Ubuntu; see https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ruby/ruby-geos
> However, it drops the unsupported Python 2 SWIG bindings. Python users
> can use either Shapely or PyGEOS.
> Option two: Drop SWIG bindings, including for Ruby and Python
> https://github.com/mwtoews/geos/pull/2
> This drops the whole SWIG interface.
> Note that Ruby users can access GEOS bindings via RGeo
> https://github.com/rgeo/rgeo, which has a steady history of active
> contributions; see https://github.com/rgeo/rgeo/graphs/contributors
> Another idea is to move the SWIG Ruby bindings into a separate repo,
> to php-geos https://git.osgeo.org/gitea/geos/php-geos, however this would
> require a volunteer to step in.
> Any thoughts to either proposal? And if so, whether this should happen
> before or after the next release?
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