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#1064: Topology preserve simplify: unexpected behavior on similar polygons
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Comment (by mdavis):

 Replying to [comment:2 strk]:
 > I guess one option here would be to pick the leftmost-upmost and the
 rightmost-bottommost points of a ring, split the ring in two parts, merge
 the lines which remain split by the origina vertex, then perform the
 simplification on the two parts and join them back togheter.
 > What do you think Martin ?

 I don't see how that works.  The problem with the current simplification
 algorithm is that it is essentially working on a line, not a ring - which
 is why it doesn't remove the endpoint even if it should be.  Doesn't
 splitting the ring just introduce one more endpoint?

 Not sure of what a solution could be ATM.  The simplification algorithm
 being used is Douglas-Peucker, and I don't know if that can be generalized
 to work on true rings.

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