[geos-devel] Welcome to the "main" branch

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Wed Mar 10 00:16:38 PST 2021

I went ahead and did it: a new "main" symbolic reference have been
added to the official GEOS git repository to point at the _real_
reference "master".

This means on the server side "main" is an "alias" (symbolic
reference) to "master" so that you can decide how to call it.

Advantage of this is there's no urge to changen anything anywhere
BUT if you want, you can call the main development branch "main",
to avoid arguable namings.

On your clone, using the name name is as simple as checking out
the new name. Pushing to one or the other branch results in the
code going to both (gory details: it really goes to "master", still,
but will also appear in the "main" branch).

See how you like it. Eventually turning "main" as the real thing
and "master" as an alias could be the next step, if we want.

NOTE: I didn't check the effects of this on mirroring, but I guess
      the mirrors will get 2 "real" branches, git being unable to
      transfer "symbolic references" on the wire.


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