[geos-devel] GEOS 3.9.2 Released

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Mon Nov 1 11:38:36 PDT 2021

Lots of little fixes piled up!


Changes in 3.9.2

- Bug fixes / improvements:
  - Add in interrupt points in OverlayNG (#4857, Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix crash in GEOSPreparedIntersects and GEOSPreparedContains for
    POINT EMPTY input (Even Rouault)
  - Fix IsValidOp to correctly report invalid nested MultiPolygons (#1112, Martin Davis)
  - Fix BufferOp to avoid artifacts in certain polygon buffers (#1101, Martin Davis)
  - Declare parameterless functions in geos_c.h as func(void) (Paul Ramsey)
  - Performance improvement in SegmentNodeList (Even Rouault)
  - Catch memory leaks on createPolygon failure (#1111, Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix DiscreteFrechetDistance to use initial points of input lines (#1128, Martin Davis)
  - Avoid stack overflow in KdTree::queryNode (Even Roualt)
  - Avoid raising double overflow signals in distance calcs (Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix performance issue in buffer building (Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix crash when precision reducing LinearRing (#1135, Paul Ramsey)

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