[geos-devel] 3.10.1 Released

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Tue Nov 2 15:35:57 PDT 2021

Due to a mistake on my part in packaging, a second patch release of 3.10 is now available. Amazingly there are also already a few little code fixes to bundle up with the packaging fix.


Changes in 3.10.1

- Fixes/Improvements:
  - Fix mistake in constants used to select WKB flavor in C API (GH489, Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix crash when reducing precision on a LinearRing (#1135, Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix GeoJSON crash on invalid input (GH498, Even Rouault)
  - Use std::sqrt exclusively for Solaris build (Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix mistaken version numbers in some parts of 3.10.0 (Paul Ramsey)

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