[geos-devel] The Road to 3.10

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Sep 29 17:12:59 PDT 2021

"Regina Obe" <lr at pcorp.us> writes:

> BTW according to Myon, they are planning to release PostgreSQL 14 this
> Thursday (tomorrow) so I think our PostGIS 3.2.0 is going to be a little
> later than PostgreSQL 14 release but hopefully we can coax packagers to
> release it.
> That said PostGIS release isn't really that impacted by GEOS 3.10 release.
> Few packagers are going to be jumping to carry  GEOS 3.10 as I think we
> already missed the big OS release cycles.
> Packagers please speak up if I have misspoken.

I think there are more packaging systems than anybody really knows about
with all sorts of release cycles.  My reactions to the larger picture

  a beta1 means that it's thought to be pretty close, and definitely
  feature freeze, and that it needs more shaking out and testing than an
  rc.  The idea of adding in features that aren't already working in
  main/trunk/master/whatever post beta seems off.  If we are talking
  release within 15 or maybe even 30 days adding features seems too
  much regardless of what it's called.

  As a packager I don't care if 3.11 comes only a month or two after
  3.10.  I would like to know that 3.10.x is just bugfixes and no
  API/ABI breaks and therefore safe to update within a stable packaging

  What really hurts in packaging is needing to synchronize things.  The
  upcoming postgis release needs to work with a bunch of pgsql versions,
  not necessarily IMHO the released-tomorrow one, and it should work
  with all geos versions releaseed a year ago or more recently.

  With 3.10, I'd want to read NEWS to see if there any impacts onn
  existing code.  With any luck, nothing is withdrawn that any even
  semi-maintained depending package uses, and all will build and work.
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