[Geotiff] User defined datum: Transformation parameters

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Feb 29 09:20:24 PST 2008

Christian Zietz wrote:
> Christian Zietz schrieb:
>> And that's exactly where I'm having problems right now. Whenever I try
>> to store multiple double values, an access violation occurs somewhere
>> inside GTIFKeySet.
> And a follow-up question/remark: Is it correct that multiple doubles
> have to be passed as an array? When I do something like
> double d[7];
> d[0] = 1; d[1] = 2; d[2] = 3; d[3] = 4;
> d[4] = 5; d[5] = 6; d[6] = 7.1;
> GTIFKeySet(gtif, MY_KEY, TYPE_DOUBLE, 7, d);
> everything works as expected. No access violation and listgeo confirms
> that the key is correctly set.


Yes, this is the correct way to pass a list of values.  I see the documentation
does not address the difference for passing single vs. multiple values.
Unfortunately this makes it awkward to pass an array that just happens to
have only one value.  Grr.

I'll update the docs a bit to reflect this.

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