[Geotiff] Decode GeoKeys

xavier lhomme lhomme.xavier at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 02:04:26 PST 2014


I want to return in the GeotiffParser.js  informations from Geographic CS
Parameter GeoKeys, rojected CS Parameter GeoKeys but I don't find how to
return such information :

For exemple for
The value of the PCSCitationGeoKey  is stored in the GeoAsciiParams tab.
In the geoKeydirectory,

when ent_key = PCSCitationGeoKey
ent_location == GeoAsciiParams
ent_count =284
but ent_val_offset is undefined
Then how could I know which entry in the GeoAsciiParams shoud I take ?
Is this information should be store in the ent_val_offset ?

best regards ,

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