[geotk] Mappane

johann sorel johann.sorel at geomatys.fr
Sun Jul 5 11:11:09 EDT 2009


You can already find an alternative to the styledMappane/Zoompane in the 
geotoolkit pending swing module.
It's named JMap2D based on the new rendering engine, there are several 
toolbars and map decorations (scalebar or north arrow) that can be added 
to enrich it.
You also have a class DefaultPortrayalService and DefaultGlyphService 
which can generate images from mapcontexts or style definitions.

Sorry if they are not yet fully documented.

johann sorel

suneesh kumar a écrit :
> Hello Geotoolkit.
>   I am glad to see this project evolving. I would like know if there 
> is any development going on in Mappane. I am happy to see Zoompane in 
> the source. I was missing StyledMappane for a long time. Hope 
> Geotoolkit will give me a good alternative for it.
> Looking forward.
> Thanks,
> Sunish./

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