[geotk] Mappane

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Sun Jul 5 11:15:23 EDT 2009


suneesh kumar a écrit :
>   I am glad to see this project evolving. I would like know if there is 
> any development going on in Mappane. I am happy to see Zoompane in the 
> source. I was missing StyledMappane for a long time. Hope Geotoolkit 
> will give me a good alternative for it.

Yes, the MapPane which was in GeoTools 2.0 (before being abandonned in more 
recent GeoTools versions) is back in Geotoolkit and already useable. The 
repository is splitted in two parts:

   - "geotoolkit", which contains code that we assume raisonably stable,
     fully documented with javadoc, released monthly and published on the
     www.geotoolkit.org web site.

   - "geotoolkit-pending" which contains everything else, to be migrated
     to "geotoolkit" after review.

StyledMapPane lives in "geotoolkit-pending" for now. We do not generate the 
javadoc for geotoolkit-pending yet, but the source code is there:


It is also deployed on the Maven 2 repository.

Johann is the guy working on the MapPane and the "statefull renderer". I guess 
he will be around tomorrow (Monday) for telling more about this renderer.



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