[geotk] org.geotoolkit.JDBCDataStore

sorel johann.sorel at geomatys.fr
Thu Jul 9 04:53:13 EDT 2009


Aleksander Bandelj a écrit :
> I was talking about JDBCDataStore from geotoolkit-pending, trunk. Are 
> you sure that it encodes bbox filters properly right now ?
I'm not sure it works fine, le port has been made recently. I remember 
the port of filter to SQL was a real pain since plenty of the classes 
used in it where deprecated and not relying on geoapi. Perhaps cedric 
will tell you more about it.

> PS. I am aware of GO2 renderer. It is much better designed, but hardly 
> a drop-in replacement for StreamingRenderer.
That's true it's a completly different approach, but that was the only 
way. The streaming renderer has already reached it's design limit and is 
actually in a dead end.
is it really the best solution to port the streaming renderer ? wouldn't 
it be faster to use the new one ?
Is it because you have some rendering problems or missing capabilities ?


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