[geotk] EPSG database and JavaDB/Derby

Jon Blower j.d.blower at reading.ac.uk
Tue Oct 6 17:10:35 EDT 2009


I'm in the process of migrating ncWMS (http://ncwms.sf.net) from
GeoTools to Geotoolkit.  This has been straightforward (I very much
like the idea of "bundles" by the way), except for creating the EPSG
database of coordinate reference systems.

The Geotoolkit referencing bundle includes an EPSG database, which
requires derby.jar (or some other database engine) to access.  ncWMS
is a web application so according to the instructions, I shouldn't
package derby.jar with the WAR file, but install it separately into
the Tomcat container.  However, this is an extra installation step
(admittedly a simple one) that is a bit of extra effort for my users.

In GeoTools, I was using the epsg-wkt module, which packaged the CRSs
in text form without a database engine.  This was very convenient
because no management of database connections was necessary, and the
WAR file for ncWMS could be completely self-contained.

What would be the best way of packaging the CRS database with my web
application?  I am not very worried about performance.  Is there a WKT
implementation of the database in Gtk?

Thanks, Jon

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