[geotk] EPSG database and JavaDB/Derby

Jon Blower j.d.blower at reading.ac.uk
Mon Oct 12 16:50:14 EDT 2009

Hi Martin,

This is the output I get with FactoryDependencies with Gtk 3.04, after
having set

> Hints.putSystemDefault(Hints.CRS_AUTHORITY_FACTORY, PropertyEpsgFactory.class);

DefaultAuthorityFactory[ [35m"All" [39m]
????AllAuthoritiesFactory[ [35m"All" [39m]
    ????WebCRSFactory[ [35m"CRS" [39m,  [35m"OGC" [39m]
    ?   ????ReferencingObjectFactory[ [31mobjects [39m]
    ?   ????DatumAliases[ [31mobjects [39m]
    ????AutoCRSFactory[ [35m"AUTO2" [39m,  [35m"AUTO" [39m]
    ?   ????ReferencingObjectFactory[ [33mobjects [39m] [33m …? [39m
    ?   ????DatumAliases[ [33mobjects [39m] [33m …? [39m
    ????HTTP_AuthorityFactory[ [35m"http://www.opengis.net" [39m]
    ?   ????AllAuthoritiesFactory[ [35m"All" [39m]
    ?       ????WebCRSFactory[ [33m"CRS" [39m] [33m …? [39m

(sorry about funny formatting, this is copied-and-pasted from
NetBeans.)  As you can see, the PropertyEpsgFactory is missing.  Is
there a new version of the Gtk code I should try?


On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 9:06 PM, Martin Desruisseaux
<martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr> wrote:
> Hello Jon
> Hints.putSystemDefault(Hints.CRS_AUTHORITY_FACTORY,
> PropertyEpsgFactory.class);
> should now have the expected effect on CRS.decode(String). I added JUnit
> tests for preventing regression. I also added more documentation. Could you
> please try some of the actions described in the "troubleshotting" section of
> the above page and see if it is of any help? If not, could you post the
> result of FactoryDependencies (the first action in the list)?
> http://www.geotoolkit.org/apidocs/org/geotoolkit/referencing/factory/epsg/PropertyEpsgFactory.html
>        Martin

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