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Wed Sep 16 03:08:40 EDT 2009

Hi all !

Sorry to ask again, but I still have one last question regarding this post :

I spoke about the orientation of the projected map (where does the Y axis points to). I just need to know if it is possible that, for a given projection point, my grid is oriented in one direction, and for a second point very close to the second one, the grid is oriented totally differently.

I'll use an example to make my question clearer : Let's consider a projection point being exactly on the North pole. I think Geotoolkit will automatically select a stereographic polar projection (latitude of origin being 90°). I guess that the Y axis of my grid will be oriented towards Greenwhich (but maybe I am wrong). Now I consider another case, where the projection point is extremely close from the previous one, let's consider longitude = 0° and latitude = 89.999999°. The projection will probably be different. Is that possible now that the Y axis of my grid is oriented towards the North pole ?

Because in my project, I have to do such "custom projections" and I just would like to know if I have to take special precautions for handling such situations.

I hope I was clear enough... :-)

Many thanks in advance and best regards,


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