[geotk] Re: geotk-referencing-SNAPSHOT.jar

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Fri Sep 18 05:18:22 EDT 2009

Hello Theuns

theuns a écrit :
> I am issuing the following command 
> java -jar geotk-referencing-SNAPSHOT.jar transform EPSG:3395 EPSG:4326
> Then i get the following error:
> NoSuchAuthorityCodeException: Authority "EPSG" is not available. The cause is: No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby:/home/theuns/.geotoolkit/EPSG/7.01

The raison is that geotk-referencing does not declare any dependency to any JDBC 
driver, including JavaDB (even if the JAR exists in the same directory). You 
need to declare the JDBC driver on the classpath explicitly. It may be JavaDB, 
but could also be PostgreSQL or any other one - the user have to choose.

Note: this is a bit different than what we did in GeoTools, where we had 
different modules for each database flavor (gt-epsg-hsql, gt-epsg-postgresql, 
gt-epsg-oracle, etc.). In Geotk only one module rules them all. However I'm 
considering doing an exception for JavaDB for convenience... I have not yet set 
my mind, so opinions are welcome.

In the main time we have to use this (admitly more verbose) command, which allow 
us to specify the JDBC driver:

java -cp geotk-referencing-SNAPSHOT.jar:derby- 

> 18 Sep 2009 8:17:12 AM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences syncWorld
> WARNING: Couldn't flush system prefs:
> java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException: /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/org create failed.

This one is a know issue of the standard Java library and is not really 
Geotoolkit fault, but I realize that I need to find a workaround. In the main 
time, you can safely ignore this warning.


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