[geotk] Mapping coordinate system axis order to i, j indices on a map images

Jonathan Blower j.d.blower at reading.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 09:01:55 EDT 2010


I'm not sure whether this is a Geotk question, or one for the WMS/ISO
19111 community.  Given a general 2D coordinate system, how do I know
which axis should map to the horizontal dimension of a map image, and
which axis should map to the vertical?  For example, EPSG:4326 uses
lat/lon order, whereas CRS:84 uses lon/lat, but in both cases one would
reasonably expect longitude to map to the horizontal direction.
However, I don't know how a computer would make this inference.

The WMS spec states "Coordinates shall be listed in the order defined by
the CRS and shall be mapped appropriately to the Map CS i and j axes,
*swapping axis order as needed during the projection operation*.

Is there anything in the Geotk API (or even in GeoAPI) that defines when
the axis order shall be swapped?  Or is this really up to applications?


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