[geotk] GeoToolkit GeoTIFF support

Udo Einspanier U.Einspanier at conterra.de
Wed Feb 17 06:52:18 EST 2010


I tried to use the GeoTIFF (+ pending coverage-io) module to read images. It seems that it does not work for user-defined projections at the moment - the corresponding code in GeoTiffMetadata2CRSAdapter is commented out and the method createUserDefinedPCS returns always null. Are you going to suppoted that in future versions, and if so do you know when it will be available?
To get around this, I was also trying to use geotools API for GeoTIFF handling. But I have to integrate it in an application that already uses GeoToolkit, and having both libraries together on the classpath always causes exceptions due to incompatible versions of geoapi (AbstractMethodError...). As geoapi is bundled with the GeoToolkit jar, I don't really know how to get a matching geotools version.
Do you have any advice?

Best regards,
Udo Einspanier

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