[geotk] Re: Geotoolkit Digest, Vol 11, Issue 4

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Sun Mar 14 05:00:18 EDT 2010

Hello Francisco

Thanks for your feedback :)

Le 14/03/10 00:05, Francisco José Peñarrubia a écrit :
> Option 2 seems ok (units of measure), and JScience can be the second
> option.

A new option pushed on the table recently is a mix of both: unitofmeasure would 
define the interfaces, and JScience would provides an implementation of them. So 
the relationship between "unitofmeasure" and "JScience" would be similar to the 
relationship between GeoAPI and Geotk/GeoTools.

> I think unitsofmeasure covers most of the measurements that we may face
> with sensores, one of the most challenging environments where we can
> deal with units.

I also realized recently that OGC already adopted UCUM (defined by 
www.unitsofmeasure.org) in some of their specifications, so having at least the 
core interfaces defined in unitsofmeasure may be the easiest approach to justify 
at OGC.

> Best regards, and good work!.
> Fran.



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