[geotk] what about pending modules?

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Wed Sep 8 12:47:28 EDT 2010

Hello Allegri

Le 08/09/10 18:14, G. Allegri a écrit :
> I've read its API and I was quite astonished having not seen any
> typical module to deal with Features, DataStores, etc., then my
> attention ahs fallen on the "pending" word, and all that stuff has
> appeared. Now I wonder: when will those modules be released as
> official and stable?

This is a long term effort which may take one year. But I just talked with 
Johann Sorel (the maintainer of the "pending" part) a few minutes ago, and we 
would like to begin some work in this area this month.

> I see that you provide a Maven repo (but not a maven archetype yet,
> rigth?) and some bundles, comrpising a pending-bundle. I would like to
> test the widest set of modules available, should I set up my own pom
> to build a complete geotk bundle?

Right, there is no archetype yet...

Writing your own pom.xml would give you the greatest flexibility, allowing you 
to select only the modules you want on a case-by-case basis. When browsing the 
javadoc, the module is displayed just before the summary (see the "Module" 
javadoc tag below the author javadoc tag). You can add a dependency to that 
module only; any other required dependencies will be fetched automatically 
through the Maven 2 transitive dependencies mechanism.

The bundles are provided only for convenience, for those who don't want to use 
Maven. There is not yet any bundle containing all Geotoolkit.org modules. We 
rather try to provide various bundles containing various subset according users 
demand. If you have a demand for a particular subset, please just let us known :)



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