[geotk] what about pending modules?

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 04:33:09 EDT 2010

Thanks very much Martin and Johann for your explanations. And nice to meet you.
You gave a lot of elements to evaluate the whole "product suite"
(Geotk, Puzzle-GIS, etc.). It's a work in progress, and it seems
promising... I will foloow it with much interest.
The bad thing is that the time is come to learn Maven better :)


2010/9/9 johann sorel <johann.sorel at geomatys.fr>:
>  Hello,
> The modules in pending have various quality levels.
> Modules will be promoted in geotoolkit when they will have :
> - complete javadoc
> - complete tests
> - code review from martin
> All modules in pending can be used, they all work but the api may change
> with time, we do not keep for a very long time deprecated methods in
> pending.
> The reason behind this choice is all the related sub-projects : puzzle-gis,
> constellation,
> mapfaces, mdweb. All the "neutral" code is merged in pending : parsers,
> utilities, bindings,
> widgets... As a result sub projects are getting smaller and have greater
> interoperability.
> puzzle-gis is a good exemple, it has only ~25.000 code lines and focuses
> only on the platform
> integration part.
> Merging all thoses different needs takes time, and geotoolkit is still
> young.
> In any case I think you can use pending, no big api changes happened in the
> last months,
> we can say it's stable.
> johann
> Le 08/09/2010 18:14, G. Allegri a écrit :
>> I've come to know about Geotoolkit a few weeks ago. I usually have
>> seen Geotools adopted by the main GIS softwares, but I've got in touch
>> with Puzzle-GIS and I disovered GeoTk through it.
>> I've read its API and I was quite astonished having not seen any
>> typical module to deal with Features, DataStores, etc., then my
>> attention ahs fallen on the "pending" word, and all that stuff has
>> appeared. Now I wonder: when will those modules be released as
>> official and stable?
>> I see that you provide a Maven repo (but not a maven archetype yet,
>> rigth?) and some bundles, comrpising a pending-bundle. I would like to
>> test the widest set of modules available, should I set up my own pom
>> to build a complete geotk bundle?
>> Thanks very much for the attention, and I wish you all the best for
>> this project!
>> Giovanni
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