[geotk] RE:Unmarshalling XML into ISO Objects (Russ Baker)

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Feb 3 12:09:22 EST 2011

Hello Russ

Le 03/02/11 17:35, Russ Baker a écrit :
> If you look at the XML that I provided, there are a number of attributes (e.g. 
> "uuid," "codeList" and "codeListValue") that I do not know how to access. 
> Those values will change depending upon the record, and what I would like to 
> do in addition to testing the values of the elements "individualName," 
> "organisationName," etc... is to test the values of those attributes.
The "uuid" is not yet supported, but this is work in progress (since last week, 
I started to rework on Metadata marshalling/unmarshalling).

There is no public API for fetching directly the "codeList" attribute in current 
Geotk implementation, because this attribute is (in theory) redundant with the 
<gmd:CI_RoleCode> (for example) element. For example (continuing on the XML and 
code example), the following:

    DefaultResponsibleParty retValue = ...;

should print:


You can test equality by:

    if (Role.POINT_OF_CONTACT.equals(retValue.getRole()))

The same apply to every code lists.

Would it work for your data, or do you have cases where the "codeList" attribute 
is different than the XML element containing it?



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