[geotk] trouble with jai

charnom at supagro.inra.fr charnom at supagro.inra.fr
Wed Feb 9 02:56:15 EST 2011

Hello Martin,

well I am afraid there is another problem.

I am building by hand as follows, not using Maven or any other tool:

javac -deprecation -d ../bin/class -classpath  

Here is the list of the ./bin/class directory:
ls -R ../bin/class
geo  resources


degrade1.png  deplacer1.png  fispro.gif                 R
degrade2.png  deplacer.gif   fispro.ico                 selectionner.png
degrade3.png  deplacer.jpg   fispro.icon.gif            select.odg
degrade4.png  deplacer.png   Messages_fr_FR.properties  select.png

processGeox.R  processGeox.R.bck

I am not deploying/undeploying either, this is my first try with geotoolkit.
I use jdk and I installed the jai extension from Sun.
How can I check that the java installation is correct?

Thanks for your help

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