[geotk] trouble with jai

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Wed Feb 9 05:02:06 EST 2011

Hello Brigitte

Le 09/02/11 08:56, charnom at supagro.inra.fr a écrit :
> I am building by hand as follows, not using Maven or any other tool:
> javac -deprecation -d ../bin/class -classpath 
> ../bin/class:/home/brigitte/GEO/geotk-bundle-3.16.jar:/home/brigitte/GEO/geotk-bundle-pending-3.16.jar 
> ./geo/*.java

The "geotk-bundle-pending-3.16.jar" file include "geotk-bundle-3.16.jar". I 
suggest to put only the later on the classpath (just remove 
"geotk-bundle-3.16.jar" from the classpath). I think that it will resolve the 



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