[geotk] CQL filter - error parsing geometry operation

Westgård Trond trondwe at IMR.no
Wed Feb 16 09:35:50 EST 2011

I tried to test examples using the CQL and the FilterFactory.

It works OK for me for features attributes that are date, string and numbers.

I then selects the features I should expect (examples of filter text: "employee_no BETWEEN 1000 AND 8000" etc.)

Now I wanted to use some geometry operations. I started out using an expression that should be true always:

myfilter = CQL.toFilter("contains(polygon((2 64,2 73,4 68, 2,64)), point(3 68))");

The exception states that this expression lacks an operator and is an invalid filterexpression. (I also tried with st_contains instead of contains).

Any of the experts that could give me a hint - ideally a link to examples/documentation ???

Trond Westgård
Senior Engineer
Institute of Marine Research
Bergen, Norway
trondwe at imr.no

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