[geotk] Metadata / Use of MetadataExtensionInfo

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Dec 20 01:08:03 PST 2012

Hello Emmanuel

Le 19/12/12 17:46, Emmanuel Blondel a écrit :
> I'm currently working with the Geotoolkit / metadata, and i'm 
> wondering how can i add MetadataExtensionInformation to the ISO19115. 
> I can see there is a DefaultMetadataExtensionInfo, but i'm wondering 
> how it can be marshalled into XML? Can it be customized with model 
> tags we want? e.g. TaxonomicSystem (example given in annex of the 
> ISO19115 specifications). Eventually, is there a Java example of how 
> to use MetadataExtension?

Geotk does not provide any mechanism at this time. It is not sure 
neither that it would be Geotk responsibility, since it is possible to 
create custom classes and annotate them with JAXB. This requires a 
little bit of JAXB knowledge however. Maybe the easiest approach would 
be to take an existing DefaultXXX class, copy it and modify it for your 
needs. You may need to create a DefaultMetadata subclass in order to add 
references to your new custom classes.

The DefaultMetadataExtensionInfo is just a trivial implementation of the 
MetadataExtensionInfo interface. It is not yet used in anyway for 
providing customized XML elements. However I think that a ISO compliant 
file is suppose to document there the custom types that they added.


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