[geotk] AbstractMethodError accessing EPSG database

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Fri Jul 20 01:36:58 PDT 2012

Le 20/07/12 04:02, Casey McGinty a écrit :
> Is there a technique in Maven that I can use to reference the 
> geotoolkit parent POM in my local POM? Right now I'm referencing just 
> the module POM, which is why the dependency version is no correctly 
> detected.

You can provide your own <dependencyManagement> section with a 
dependency having <scope>import</scope> as below:

       .... put your own additional versions here ....

Then, you can omit the <version> elements in your <dependency> elements; 
the versions will be inherited.


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