[geotk] Exploring the possibility to join Apache SIS project

Dave Neufeld david.neufeld at noaa.gov
Fri Jul 20 12:14:07 PDT 2012


I like the name recognition / licensing that Apache SIS brings and so my 
initial preference (fwiw) is to lean in that direction.

Thanks for sharing information on these two initiatives.


On 7/20/2012 8:43 AM, Martin Desruisseaux wrote:
> Hello again
> There is one other initiative which I think must be mentioned. The 
> Eclipse foundation is launching LocationTech 
> (http://wiki.eclipse.org/LocationTech), which is expected to work 
> closely with OSGeo. In my understanding, the LocationTech goals would 
> be similar to the OSGeo goals, but inside a much bigger community with 
> major players. Actually this is the launch of this initiative which 
> trigged us to choose a community. So if Geotk is to join a community, 
> there is 2 possibilities we are exploring at this time:
>    * Eclipse LocationTech
>    * Apache SIS
> GeoTools and UDig among others are likely to join LocationTech, so the 
> question of overlapping technologies would be raised. I have been told 
> that this is not necessarily an issue since competing technologies 
> exist inside the Eclipse foundation, and may be considered as 
> incitations for innovations. Maybe it would also be incitations for a 
> partial Geotk/GeoTools merging, but I don't know if such merging would 
> be profitable given the slightly different (I think) goals, and the 
> risk to makes more difficult the exploration of alternative 
> implementations.
> On the other side, I think that Apache doesn't have much links with 
> OGC or OSGeo yet. This could be an opportunity to make Geotk more 
> distinct from GeoTools (both in license and community), which - 
> hopefully - may be profitable to the open source ecosystem by 
> increasing the spectrum of alternative implementations. Closer OGC/ISO 
> compliance could be a contribution brought by Geotk to Apache. 
> Collaboration with OSGeo would hopefully continue through projects 
> like GeoAPI (if we can convince GeoTools to consider it), or OSGeo 
> MetaCRS project.
> Any though?
>     Martin
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